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Creation de luxe line products are exquisite pralines in exclusive chocolate chips topping with filling: marsalla, truffle and hazelnut flavor. Pralines are perfect combination of highest quality chocolate chips and aromatic filling, this makes enjoying the taste even longer. This colection is dedicated to demanding persons. Feel the delicate sweetnes of exquisite pralines with chocolate chips

Tufinki are chocolates, where  the body is closed by two layers of wafer, which adds crispiness and lightness additionally lowers the caloric value. This effect is desired by many people controlling the daily diet and counting calories. In order to preserve excellent taste and product's outlook, every chocolate is double twisted with foil. We offer Tufinki with 3 flavors: truffle, hazelnut and cocoa. Feel the sweet temptation with Tufinki.

Lumarki - coconut and peanut wafer balls Lumarki are a composition of creme, crispy wafer and coconut or peanut chips. Delight the moment with Lumarki...♡

300 g

Milanea Wafers is a series of decorated wafers with aromatic creme and delicious chocolate. Sweet every day and special days pleasure

Milanea Biscuits crispy, thin biscuits with double-side grate engraved. Crispiness in every bite.

Milanea Butter Collection is a crunchy butter Rolls and Wafers. Time for sweet relax with crispy wafers!

Milanea Choconeo is an excellent wafer with silky creme in delicious chocolate. Sweet delight for everyday and special occasions

Crispy Cubes mini wafers with delicte milk or cocoa cream filling.

Perfect for one bite!

A palette of wafers and wafers with filling in multiple shapes and flavours, fulfilling everyone's requirements. Time for sweet relax with crispy wafers