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,,The real happiness is a thing of effort, courage and work”


By the end of the 20th century , in 1992, in a small town Byczyna, rooting in middle ages, a young man with head full of ideas and eager to work decided to make the world a bit sweeter and created Lumar.

Lumar is a family company with many years of tradition. The name originates from the first letters of the founder’s first names.

We initially  worked with food products distribution and confection of chocolates. In 1998 there was the beginning of confectionery production.

We owe our success to the unceasing development and getting experience, through which we are able to fulfill the year to year higher customer’s requirements.

We specialize at manufacturing of shaped wafers, amongst others wafer pralines, wafer sticks, layered and decorated wafers, biscuits and chocolate covered products, as well as wafers and wafer rolls, which is a novelty in our assortment.

The attractive graphic design as well as serving, follow the broad product’s assortment.

The positive atmosphere during the manufacturing results in higher quality of products, which concurred the hearts of many Customers, not only in Europe. We are exceptional in terms of very short delivery time.


Our customers are always on the 1st place.

Meeting their expectations, we offer highest quality products with original flavors, made according to our best, traditional recipes.


We want to inspire with taste, promote innovations, in order to be in the peak of both polish, as well international sweets manufacturers .
By common action, we achieve success.


  • Creating high quality and simultaneously keeping values like: scrupulousness, accuracy and determination to meet the client’s expectations. 
  • The foundation of Lumars actions is creating safe, high quality products, which is supported and guaranteed by internationally certified IFS and BRC systems.  
  • The supreme value for Lumar company is building firm, long-lasting partner relations with contractors.  
  • We act according to the balanced growth policy, assuring that the  economic company expansion is not performer on natural environment’s cost. We do consider the future generations , as well as the condition of natural environment, surrounding us.


We continually try to satisfy the tastes of even most demanding clients and amaze them with broad choice of pralines, wafers, biscuits and chocolates. We do care to keep our products to be attractive in terms of taste, as well as to be a healthier way for the contemporary market’s assortment, this is why we manufacture our products based on healthier no hydrogenated vegetable fat. All the flavors and shaping additives are searched among the natural flavors, vegetable concentrates and dried fruits. When implementing our technology projects, we follow the rule of “healthier” alternative of a product.

Since 2003 we have been working based on integrated quality management and product safety system HACCP, which is in line with BRC and IFS. Every year the implemented BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food  Standard) standards are assessed by certifying unit Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on the highest level, with mark A.

Our quality and reliability are proved by the fact that our contractors origin from Europe and Asia, as well as from North America, or Africa.

The modern technologies, well trained staff, as well as continuous monitoring are the key to our success.